The whiff stories and how to create a happy ending


“Where are you girl; come and help me with the garnishing.” , Mom called out to me, as the much awaited guests were to arrive in about an hour.

“Serving is fine. But what are we gonna do to create an ambience?”, I asked, prompted by my hyper-sensitive olfactory senses.

“Oh ! I hadn’t thought about it. I guess you should be the one coming up with a solution” , she said.

Though preparations were being made since morning , we had not been able to create just the right kind of atmosphere. Something surely was missing.

“Has the shoe rack been removed from the entrance?” , I asked my Brother.

“Yes, ma’am.” , he said,  “and the damp clothes have been taken care of as well. Now dare you expect any more favours from me.”

Yeah, we all know how brothers are, don’t we ? Now the Kitchen whiffs were to be taken care of. To that end, baking soda was boiled on the adjacent stove and the exhaust fan was switched on. It felt better, but not outstanding. There still was a tang of fried onions and I’m not sure of what, in the air.

“What about the garbage disposal?”, I thought to myself.

I was under the impression that the culprit that had been trying to spoil the event was found. So, I simply dropped a sliced lemon into the garbage can and went out to burn some aromatic candles. They sound perfect, don’t they? ‘AROMATIC CANDLES’…don’t you just seem to like the sound of it..Candles with scent and without smoke. Well, you might want to know they are pretty much without aroma too. The so-called fragrance lasted hardly 10 minutes and then it was all…whhoofff..

I had given up all hopes.

” Let the guests enjoy the void in the air and the fact that we are inefficient hosts”, I said and surrendered.

“Let’s just spray some air freshener and be done with it”, said my mother.

“Mom”, I said, “I just burnt aromatic candles here and tried all the Google tips on ‘getting rid of household odors’. How long is an air freshener gonna last anyway?”

“What choice do we have here. Let’s just give it a shot”, said everyone unanimously.

“Whatever”, I said.

So anyway, we sprayed this awesome fruity aerosol from Ambi pur and welcomed our guests in. I clearly wasn’t hoping it to last any longer than 5 minutes.But what do you know….it did. And it practically covered any foul smell that was left after my sincere efforts. The guests were all impressed by the tantalizing aura and all of us heaved a sigh of relief.

My Mother whispered to me as she passed by,”So…are you gonna say it yourself , or…..”

I cut in on her dialogue and said,”I know, I know….Mommy knows best”.

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur


The Miasma Wars



From the moment I open my eyes in the morning, well…not exactly morning, till my head hits the pillow, there’s a whole lot of heterogeneous odours waiting to be battled. This may range from the commonest ones such as Daddy’s socks to the more specific types like that pesticide with an awful smell that is potent enough to haunt you in your dreams.



And how can i forget the damp smell of clothes waiting to be washed, the pungent smell of eggs and of course, that acrimonious odor that follows my action of killing a cockroach by those aerosol sprays.Now although they come with a promise of “pleasant smell’, they never actually do and Come on, how much can you expect from them. Even your liquid vaporizers can let out a very nauseating tang.

Now, most of the people are scarcely affected by these diverse “aromas”, but not my mistake that i have a very sensitive olfactory system. And it’s no rocket science that kitchens are the incubators of all these odors. Vegetable peels, rotten eggs, leftovers attracting fungi and what not! So, enough of the types and sources of odors. It’s time we proceeded with the solutions.

The simple solution to all the kitchen odors is this. Set out a small bowl of household vinegar on the counter next to the stove to absorb smells and of course, install an exhaust fan or a chimney,  For burnt utensils, sprinkle salt on the burnt mess to eliminate the smoky odor. The typical refrigerator smells can be eliminated by keeping a bowl of water with lemon squeezed in it and baking soda can take care of your perspired apparels. Too old school,eh? What can i say, they do work.


Fixing it with Baking Soda



When it comes to me, I am not yet satisfied with the mere elimination of redolence from my house. I want a perpetual blossom to linger. To that end, i keep “smoking” incense sticks and myrrh, particularly in my room. Oh yes! They work wonders. I have fallen for those aromas so frantically that I wish oxygen smelt like that or maybe nitrogen. But “Haaye Haaye ye Zaalim Zamana”….they say it’s not good to puff up your lungs with the smoke of it.






Bless these people who came up with something as efficient as a room freshener and praise be to those who have taken the craze of “aromaholics” like me seriously enough to have introduced a whole range of tantalizing aromas. The Cash Cow for Ambi Pur is the feature that unlike it’s competitive brands, it does not only cover the whiff, instead eliminates it. Tried and tested,it helps you get rid of all the obstinate , tacky smells .

It comes with fragrances as diverse as you wish them to be. From Lavender Vanilla to Dragon Fruit to Hawaiian Flowers, all of these fragrances have been designed to rejuvenate your senses, and take it from a person who lives off aromas, you will find yourself beaming to these scents. Now be it a Sunday Brunch with cousins, a casual get-together with friends, or a fancy party , you know exactly what you need to intoxicate the atmosphere.


air effects



I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur.



Science: Shaw famously remarked once that Science never solves a problem without creating ten more. Science indeed has made the world an easier place, but an easier place to kill and destroy lives. With humans evolving into more and better equipped mercenaries, the probability of realising the dream of peace is on the decline. The world has moved from swords and spears to hydrogen and atom bombs. It is possible today to wipe out cities and cities with a single trigger. It is argued that while nuclear power, which is considered the single most devastating ‘gift’ of science to mankind can be harnessed for constructive use. For once, fair enough. But the implications of trusting a power that can ignite the greed of any violent element to misuse can be hazardous. When the former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower talked about how nuclear power can be seen as a potential factor to prevention of wars, he probably did not pay attention to the repercussions it might have if such an attack was to come from an unidentified power wreaking havoc upon a country thus leading to a war gone haywire. Granted that the steps which have been taken ever since to achieve this are commendable in respect to the problems that have come up in adversary fashion against them but the problem is that the world still stands at the same point, even worse, and is staring at an even more grave human calamity. There is nothing science can do to solve this problem it seems. The need is to move forward because science is not the answer.

Coming out of the realm of bloodshed and war that science seems to have fostered, an easier take on the topic of world problem is being taken by the author.

What is the problem with the world? Why can’t nations be satisfied with what they have. An interesting example may help us understand this.

In Chemistry, there is a phenomenon that deals with outcomes of a reaction-

A  +  B   –> C

Since A and B together make up C and if even one of them gets depleted, the reaction stops and no further quantity of C can be produced. It is of the interest to find out here which reactant, whether A or B is the limiting reagent, i.e. which of them is lesser in quantity that is not allowing the desired quantity of product to be formed. Also it is deducted which of the reactants is in excess, i.e. which remains even when the other reactant has been used up. It is assumed here that A is more in quantity than B. Now a fascinating debate can be pulled between the two reactants here. A may argue that B is the ‘limiting reagent’, that it puts a constraint in the production process. At the same time, B may argue that B is not the limiting reagent as A says and that A is the excess reagent, which being more in quantity remains after the reaction and is wrongfully blaming B. A never ending ‘war’ may ensue between the two but thankfully a saviour comes to play. It is determined or set that what quantity of the product C is needed to be produced by the concerned reaction. Now if before achieving the desired amount of product, the reaction stops then B may very well be termed as the limiting reagent. But if the required quantity of C is produced and still some amount of A is left, then it is the excess reagent. The final goal of the exercise being undertaken thus decides the role the participants play in it. The same is true for the tangible world of we live in. In absence of a determined goal, one society keeps blaming the other that it is exploitive and overconsuming in nature while the latter argues that the former is indolent in nature and is not living up to its true potential due to the former has to beer its burden. The trouble here is again the lack of a known goal. Should humans be using up all there is provided to them and try to dominate others who don’t believe so? Are those who seek a content and non-dominating role in the world wrong in believing so? The author can very well give his opinion in a downright firm fashion but this is not such an easy question to answer. The whole world is fighting over a similar debate and all are trying to justify their own said quantity of the product, in that justifying their actions

There is thus another lesson to learn here from such a small concept of science that we need to work towards a goal that the whole world believes to be adequate and desirable. The climb to such a task is high, but the view would surely be great.


Naturalism- “Nothing is easier than to admit in words the truth of the universal struggle for life, or more difficult than constantly bearing this conclusion in mind”. Man lives in a Darwinian world; perhaps he always has. The theory of evolution teaches us that there is a constant struggle amongst the species for limited resources the world has to offer, that only the fittest survive and others perish. But it also says that this evolution is based on Natural Selection and that man’s feeble efforts cannot change its plan of action. How then can we expect balance and equality in such a world? Is man’s power really so feeble that he cannot help but slay his neighbour so that his own families may survive? Humanism has always superseded this animalism. Man is no longer the beast he was so as to succumb to the lowest levels of demonry. Man has evolved, yes, and he has evolved for good. We are in a position that we can bend, if not change the rules of nature to bring about a strife free Post-Darwinian world. Peace can come only in a Non- Darwinian world. Still, there is a lesson to learn from Darwin here. He says that we may console ourselves with beliefs and hopes of a vigorous, healthy and happy future but nature will strike with its might and shatter the dream. We thus need to make allowance for this hostility. Along with the aim of finishing personal strife, we together will need to combat the so considered nemesis of our downfall.


Religion- The origin of all religions of the world can be traced back to the quest of two things- first a drive to understand the nature of all that is and is becoming in the world; and second to bring about a state of equilibrium, a negotiable equity, a peaceful agreement with the forces of the supernatural. Time and again, man has come up with variegated ideas and ideals to justify his discerning of the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent, the Omniscient, the Alpha and Omega, the Supreme Being, the Mover of all things. He has similarly given different names to that absolute power- El, YHWH, God, Ishvara, Allah, Ek onkar among many more. But has this quest succeeded in achieving that amicable consciousness, that irenic goal, that state of harmony between Man and God? Man seems to have misconstrued the great teachings and ideals of religion and appears to have set himself on a path of self-destruction in the name of it. The Bible urges men to “Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it”  but men do not obey. The Bhagavad-Gita questions the existence of any happiness without peace  yet men try to achieve happiness through force and violence. All faiths and religions teach and preach the same ideals of peace but men don’t follow them. At times grave and saturnine such as now, when we as a generation have succumbed ourselves to the altar of negativity, pessimism and animosity, religion itself is not going to take us to this goal of ours. When we have toyed with the word of God, moulding and shaping it according to our need and greed, it cannot be expected that something we have changed so much can in turn change us for the better. Man will have to change without the help of religion; he will have to change in spite of religion. Religion sure is a pillar we can use to stand up if we are fallen but we will have to move without it. Teachings sure help, but salvation lies within.