Cleanathon.. The Cleanliness Drive

2015-09-30_23.01.511st October,2015; Shivaji College;After the successful implementation of Adapt – The Plantation Drive, the premises of Shivaji College were once again reverberated with the Calls for Cleanliness.
Yes…The Cleanathon Drive , an initiative by ‘Leaders For Tomorrow ‘,which had managed to secure even larger masses , was commenced at 10:30 in the Sports Complex of the College on the 30th of September.
The enthusiastic volunteers of Leaders for Tomorrow,under the guidance of their core team heads were headed by the college head and the co-college head. And it began…
“Sun beat down to match our rage”.. Oh yes…! In the scorching heat, clamoring in unison the words ” Clean India, Green India”, “Swachha Bharat, Swastha Bharat”, the team went into the slums and along with the support of the MCD team, started the procedure of cleaning the rash.
Along with this, the College head delivered a detailed speech about the importance of clean surroundings and the threats posed by communicable diseases. The team had to face some arguments from the residents, because, of course, nobody is ready to take the blame. But the event was an undisputed success and an extraordinary experience for the most of us.