Of hearts and happiness…

In the evenings, when I come back from ‘work’, something that I have very recently started on, I sit on a slab of concrete just outside my rooftop room and look out to find that horizon I adored looking at as a kid. Frankly, it’s not visible anymore. There are skyscrapers, and tall building, and houses, and then some more buildings in the line of my sight. So I sit there on that slab, and call my Mom. She still doesn’t pick my call and drops it, calling me back the very next minute. I tell her that I am ‘home’ ,tell her about the day I had at work, and while I am doing that, the view in front of my eyes keeps getting better and better. If I pay close attention to a particular detail, I can even find a resemblance of a point where the sky really meets the land. I call this little point of space and time as ‘happiness’.

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