About us

We are bloggers, college students with a penchant for writing. We blog to be read and get in touch with all those lovely people out there, be them readers or fellow bloggers. Giving words to our thoughts is a need for us rather than a hobby and ‘Hence, the blog’.

At ‘Takhallus-e-Haqeeqat’, you can expect posts ranging from short stories to light-hearted suggestions to hobbies and self-improvement. We write anything and everything that touches our hearts or can touch yours. There may be some college activities now and then too.

One of us is an optimist-realist and other a pessimist-realist. As such, you can expect a certain degree of realism in all of our posts. But, you are warned that the optimist one does ideate sometimes and the pessimist one gets too grim. But all in all, that’s what makes a true blog; after all that’s what makes life. Right?


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