Naturalism- “Nothing is easier than to admit in words the truth of the universal struggle for life, or more difficult than constantly bearing this conclusion in mind”. Man lives in a Darwinian world; perhaps he always has. The theory of evolution teaches us that there is a constant struggle amongst the species for limited resources the world has to offer, that only the fittest survive and others perish. But it also says that this evolution is based on Natural Selection and that man’s feeble efforts cannot change its plan of action. How then can we expect balance and equality in such a world? Is man’s power really so feeble that he cannot help but slay his neighbour so that his own families may survive? Humanism has always superseded this animalism. Man is no longer the beast he was so as to succumb to the lowest levels of demonry. Man has evolved, yes, and he has evolved for good. We are in a position that we can bend, if not change the rules of nature to bring about a strife free Post-Darwinian world. Peace can come only in a Non- Darwinian world. Still, there is a lesson to learn from Darwin here. He says that we may console ourselves with beliefs and hopes of a vigorous, healthy and happy future but nature will strike with its might and shatter the dream. We thus need to make allowance for this hostility. Along with the aim of finishing personal strife, we together will need to combat the so considered nemesis of our downfall.


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