..where light enters you

Atharva ran his fingers over the red velvet of the card, trying to recall a texture, trying to recall a memory. He picked it up bringing it close to his eyes, maybe to hide his smile. He loved it and chose a peppy font for those names to be printed on the cover “Atharva weds Tanisha”.

They had been each other’s for four years now and every day of it had brought them a little closer. As he finalized over his wedding card, Atharva felt a wave hit him- a realization that he was going to enter the greatest phase of his life and that he had a partner who he was sure would make it even better. But he had a moment amidst that blissful thought, a doubt maybe, no, doubt is a big word. An irresolution maybe. Yes, a passing thought that somehow grabs your attention and asks you if you were ready for it. But he let that thought go to hold on to better ones.

He remembered the fantastico moments they had spent together and those beautiful promises they had made for even better ones. He thought about that time he had proposed her and she had reluctantly said Yes. He thought about the time she had proposed him and he had instantly agreed to marry her. He chuckled over those little moments together, when he would make a joke but she wouldn’t laugh and then he would get conscious about it, his face would drop and she would start laughing like anything. His heart went out to the time when hard times had fallen on him and Tanisha had stood by him as an unwavering wall to protect him from everything. He remembered all that in a sun-shot moment and when he was back, he had more than a resolution.

As he moved out of the shop and walked to where he had parked his car, he got a call. It was Tanisha’s sister. He picked it up and she said “It’s Tanisha, something is wrong”.

Atharva thought about nothing else and rode straight to her house. His mind flooding with thoughts he fought not to think about and his heart aching,  for his love was in pain. He knew she was strong and that it took something to get her to shed a tear. But when he was told she was crying, he knew something had had a deep impact on her.

As he reached there, Tanisha’s sister and mother told him all about it. “She went to the parlour to get an appointment and came back in tears”. She had spoken nothing to anyone and had gone straight into her room, locking it from the inside. She was not making a sound but then a mother knew her daughter was crying, broken by something.

Atharva knocked at her door, calling her name but she didn’t reply. He told her it was he and there still was no answer. Her mother called on to her, beginning to herself cry and Atharva consoled her. He got Tanisha’s sister to make her sit and kept on knocking. Tanisha must have heard it as she slowly got up to open the door to see her mother. But she just unlatched it and turned back to her bed. Atharva got in and stood behind her shoulder. He knew she was in pain, grief-stricken, morose. He put his hands on her shoulder and turned her to face him. He saw her face and he knew everything. Tanisha had been scraping her scars with her fingers, thinking about the worst. He touched her wounded scar with his finger ever so gently, and a tear came into his eyes. For a moment, they spoke nothing but she could read his eyes telling her something. She saw herself in them and knew that in his eyes she will always be beautiful. He held his hand on her scar and told her-   “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

Note- The picture has been taken from here. The final quote is from Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


2 thoughts on “..where light enters you

    • Thank you so much Chaitali. And you are absolutely right. I had the story in my mind but wasn’t really sure about writing it. Then I recalled this quote of Rumi and suddenly everything fell into place 🙂


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