The first thing in a new place

So you have undergone the necessary navigation of hundreds of miles and finally reached there. What is the first fantastico thing you see or observe or feel different about a new place? Is it the people, the smell of air, the distinct trees, the language, the peppy attire, the temperature? Surely there has to be some peculiar distinct feature of a place, something that is in every way different from all others and something that gives you a jolting realization that you are not home anymore. What is that first thing that gives an impression of a new place to you?


Some may feel that it is the way lanes are set up which is totally unlike anything you find at home. Some may find that the public transport in the place is far more different than your usual bus-train routine. Others may find that the markets are pretty shoddy and have a class of their own. Others see that the food is different, both in cuisine and the taste. But for me, all these things come later.

Surely, when we visit some new place and have to make that little journey from the arriving station to wherever we are staying, I do notice that Yes, this is a new place with remotely different sets of variables that will effect me but that process does not really start then and there. It is after I am settled with my luggage and in the place I am staying in and much later when I go out that I begin to notice those things. Maybe it is because of those long hours of travel that make my mind go dormant to those things and in need for some recharge. But amidst all that, there is one thing that you cannot help but notice there; that peculiar first thing in a new place.

For me, it happens when we have settled into our room and are set to take a little nap to rejuvenate our bodies for the wanderings later on. Just then, a diffident guy knocks at the door. He has brought some utilities you would need, fresh towels perhaps, soaps and shampoos and would introduce himself as someone at your disposal during your stay. And then, he would put a jug of water on the table and fetch some glasses for you. Now you are exhausted from your journey and the only thing that really helps in that case is a good glass of water. As Kareena said in Jab we met-

“Cola shola sab apni jagah par hai par pani ka kaam pani hi karta hai.”

Sometimes, they come up with life’s truest secrets ever so nonchalantly 🙂 .  So, you get ahead to take a sip and till that moment, water is just regular water in your mind. And then it strikes. The second you take the first few drops in, you feel the impact. The impact of a new place. The taste of water is explicit to where you are and your mind gives you a warning that “Buddy, you are not where you should be, Aan aan”. This is something that you do not try to look for or observe but one that comes to you right-away. It’s the first thing in a new place for me and one that gets me pumped for the things to come.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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