The ambulance came, but too late

It was there finally. The navigation through the traffic had taken the toll of time but it had reached there, and that was all that mattered. The ambulance doctor got down with the worker and the driver and took out a stretcher. Vishu met them there and they hurried to the second floor of the building. They got in and stopped in their steps. It was too late.

Vishu had  just turned 12 . His father had told him that he was now old enough to be the man of the house when he went to the sea. And Vishu believed that. He was going to take care of his Maa the best he could. He had promised to behave himself, do his homework, get up by himself in the morning and not trouble his Maa in any way. It would be small things he knew, for he knew he was small. And as much as he could think in his mind that he was taking care of his Maa, he knew it was always the other way round.

And Vishu had been better than his word. He would keep things peppy and fun in the house and never let his Maa feel alone. Every morning, he would be awake by himself, but would still keep lying in his bed just so his mother would come and tap him out of sleep ever so gently. He would kiss her on the forehead and wish her a fantastico morning. He would get everything ready for himself, taking care where he kept all his things the last day so he would not have to bother his mother. In the meantime, she would prepare breakfast for the two of them. They would sit together on the small table, have a bowl of cereals together and he would rush to the door. But he would turn back when his Maa would call him to tell that he had forgotten his lunch and he would come running back, take his lunch, and plant another kiss on her cheeks.

The days were passing and Vishu knew his father would be home very soon. Whenever he would call, Vishu would get to talk first and he would just tell that his Maa was taking very good care of everything. She would later tell his father that Vishu was being the best boy he could and they would then tell each other that he has taken after them. 🙂

That evening, Vishu was returning home from his after-school classes. It was a day before the festival and he hated leaving home those days. As he got in, he found his mother lying on the kitchen floor, bleeding and crying. He ran to her and told her he would bring help. He ran down to the first floor but the people weren’t there, having already left for their hometown. He got to the ground-floor and found their landlady there. He told ‘Grandma’ to come with him and told her about his mother. She went with him as soon as she could and reaching there called the ambulance.

She told Vishu to go down and keep on looking for the ambulance and to bring them there as soon as they come. Vishu did as he was told and frantically waited there. Minutes and minutes passed but they didn’t come. Vishu felt like rushing back to his mother but he fought the urge. A WHILE later, they were there and Vishu rushed them to his Maa.

But Yes, it was too late . As they reached there, they found the Grandma holding a child in her hands and Vishu’s mother looking lovingly at it. The doctor came near Grandma and shook his head down in shame. Grandma told her not to as she turned to Vishu telling him, “It’s your sister”.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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