That time I turned into Titanic’s Rose

This is a non-tedious but peppy memory of an otherwise fantastico first year of my college. Back then, I used to be in full geek mode, as you may know from a few other posts if you have read them. But as much as going to class everyday has its perks, sometimes it gets you into quite troublesome of situations. And this was one such day.

It was towards the end of our second mid-term. Exams were approaching and when they do, the attendance in classes begins to falter. It usually is so because students have an added excuse that they need to prepare for examinations and more so because then, the teachers are less inclined to teach valuable topics towards the end and increase the syllabus volume. Well, the latter one is something the students ‘think’ while the truth is really the opposite.

When teachers get a very small class, they tend to take the complete thing and try to cover as many topics as they can. Maybe because it really is possible to do so with a small bunch of students. Maybe because they want to make the bunking students pay. Anyhow, it was the last class of the day and it was scheduled just after the lunch break. On normal days, there used to be one other class after that but the teacher concerned had cancelled it. The subject was Industrial Chemistry.

So as I heftily finished my meal, I had a look at the watch. It was 5 minutes to 2 as I gulped down some water and ran with my backpack towards the exit. Navigation to the lecture theater usually takes 5 minute on foot  but if you walked briskly, it would take 3. And so, I chose the latter and was there with about a minute to spare. But just as I got in, I was welcomed by a completely vacant boys row!

Yes, there are boys and girls rows and only when all the front seats in the girls row are filled can the boys sit there. But this time, there were just eight to nine girls- all sitting in the first and second seats with me alone in the boys section. Still, I walked up without hesitation to my usual seat and settled there. When the teacher came, he was shocked to see the attendance and asked us if there would be other students coming in. We told him we didn’t know but he still waited as it was an after lunch class. Well to be fair, they did come- two of them, both girls. After a five minute lapse or so, he went on to teach us the chapter.

Midway in, he told us he wanted to show us some slides he had prepared for the same and that it would be easier for us to understand. We told him that the projector of that theater didn’t work and he would have to go by the book only. Then he asked me to check if any nearby theater was empty. And I went out to see.

Now here is the bad part of this that my mind is working on. If a theater is empty, then we would be shifting there but to switch on the projector, I would have to get on a stool and try to reach it. But, from our earlier experiences, I knew that only the six feet plus guys could hardly reach the button on the stool and there was no way I was going to be able to do it. Again, there were some girls among the ones present who were taller than I was, but neither the teacher would ask them for the job nor would they volunteer. All those calculations going in my head, I walked to each of the three neighbouring theaters to find them occupied. I heaved a sigh of relief and came back to tell the good  bad news to the teacher. He was disappointed but still went on.

After another half an hour or so, when his lecture got over, he asked me to again check if there was a vacant one now. I did and found two vacant rooms. To my utter dismay after this, he told us that one other topic would be in the exam and that he wanted to teach it then and there, using slides. He got us shifted to another room, extending his lecture, and told me to switch on the projector. Well, I had expected this and so I moved out to get the stool from the other class. I carried it all the way to our present lecture theater, placed it right below the projector machine and climbed on it. No points for guessing, my fully raised hand was about a feet away from the button. I tried to raise my heels so I could reach but couldn’t. All this time, the teacher and the other girls are looking at me and now they are getting the picture too. Then I got a pen from someone and again stretched my optimum to reach the button and again failed. Also, because of this, the stool is beginning to shake a little but no-one could care 🙂

Finally, I took a breath and again stretched my body, holding a pen to my fingers and tried to reach the button. I got my heels more and more in the air, raising them as high as they would go. My toes started paining at some point ( I was wearing chappals) but I kept going. A little more, a little higher, just a bit and I was almost like Rose in Titanic. Then suddenly, VOILA. I had pressed the button. I jumped down with an impact with a smile wide as any.


And that is how a funny, clumsy story just turned inspiring in my mind. Revisiting a memory has an impact unprecedented 🙂

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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