If I ever get a tattoo..

Lets be honest, among all those junkie things out there which may be as appealing to one as the the next person, getting a tattoo takes the cake. At some points in our lives, we all have thought about getting a fantastico tattoo, atleast on our hands, and to show it off among peers. If you haven’t yet, trust me you will soon enough. Again, sometimes, its not just about showing off that “Hey Look, I am bold enough to get a tattoo” but people actually find it as a means of expression of their inner self or their truest desires. As such, it’s about time that people start seeing getting a tattoo in a good light instead of calling it a hippy business 😛

As for me, I have always been fascinated by inking my hand with a peppy tattoo. Of course it is not allowed to me yet to do that and hence, ever since childhood, I have been scribbling my palm, my wrists, or my entire hand with anything I find cool. Earlier, it used to be just a pen, then some paint, then a permanent marker and what not. I would draw with a pen upon the veins of hand, in a lame attempt to show how they protrude out of body just like those WWE superstars. And I used to write the cheesiest of things but they always sounded cool. I would write the most catchy dialogue of a movie I saw, the worst catchphrase of a story and stuff like that. Then one time, things got out of the hand.

I was in my class 11 and it was winter. So naturally we used to wear full-sleeved shirts and a blazer on top of that. At other times, it was tough to draw something a little more lasting unless you had vacation because no matter if your parents are fine with something, your school would never be. And I used to study in a convent so things were so strict you just couldn’t help. But in 11th, I was in a new school and didn’t feel that the people over there would check into my sleeves in winter to see if I am carrying junk or something and so, I scribbled a quote I used to find catchy at that time using a permanent marker. Here is a picture 🙂


Hehehehehe..Life’s little quirks

Also, everyday at home, I would redo upon the design so that it keeps on lasting. Now it was to be a secret of mine so naturally, every student in the class knew about it. Then one day, when a teacher who liked me a lot was praising me for something, the whole class saw it fit to get some fun out of me. And so, they shouted in unison “Sir, Sir, look at his tattoo! Look what he has written”. The teacher calmed the kids down and then called me to him. He asked me to show him my hands and I showed my palm that had nothing on it. Then, the whole class again shouted, “It’s beneath his sleeves” and the teacher asked me to get rid of my blazer. I did and then unbuttoned my sleeve to reveal the tattoo and the teacher was shocked. But he didn’t scold me or anything, much to the dismay of my classmates. Take that traitors! Maybe because he liked the quote himself 😛

But seriously, if I ever get a tattoo in my life, then at the moment, I can thing of nothing beyond “My Name is Neo” on my hand. I know it sounds totally out of context but there is something in this line that draws me all the time towards it. Few movies have had an impact on me as much as the Matrix and I don’t think I like a movie quote more than this. Others may be cool but I see it as a total combination of a philosophy and a way of life. I have even sported a permanent marker version of it during all my college winters for that matter. It has an impact in the way a man realizes how he is more than he has been made to believe he is, an expression of a sudden realization that dawns upon him and he is never the same. And what’s more, I find it cool as anything.

So, if it were allowed for me to get a tattoo right now, I would get this. If I am allowed two, I would get “There is no spoon” on the other.

What tattoo would you get or already have got? Tell us in the comments section.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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