Amidst the rush

Navigation through the rush of everyday life sometimes leaves you stuck to the same things for days and you seem to be losing control of your ship. So you resort to fantastico alternative activities in your free time as a way to even the keel once in a while. Some read, others write, some prefer little vacations, going someplace exotic, others blog, most of them watch movies, some really look at them and almost all of us love to sleep.

We may all be doing many of these so as to to take our minds off of things. But let me make something very clear here- I am not talking about an activity that a person takes up as a genuine hobby. For example, if you blog like multiple times a week then that is something of a passion to you and not a peppy, buck-up activity. But if you write something, like in a month, because your heart tells you to do so, then it is an even keel activity I am talking about here. So basically, your love for books and passion for movies is always welcome but I am talking about an activity that you try your hands on once in a while for the fun of it.

As for me, really looking at movies and blogging about them is a genuine hobby. But ‘cooking’ whenever I get home is that buck up activity. And Your Honour, to prove my point, I present exhibit A- a photograph of me cooking-

2015-10-23-20-18-45-465 (1)

I know I should have held the strainer but then again, I am not just posing 😉

Living in a hostel takes a toll on you sometimes. It’s nothing bad but months away from family takes that warmth out of the picture. So whenever I get time for myself, my first idea is to rush home and spend as much time with my family as possible. Once there, I realize that while I may be on a holiday, my parents still have to work their days out. As such, the best way to be close to them always is to do what they are doing. So before my father leaves for office in the morning, I get up and prepare tea for us, share a cup with him over the newspaper and talk about those sweet nothings that keep the conversation peppy but not too serious. No, I do not tag making a cup of tea as ‘cooking’. That comes later.

Now, my mother works as a home-maker. And so, the best way to be with her all through the day is to help her out in her work and learn some tricks of the trade from her in the process 🙂 . Ever since I was a child, I used to come back from school and rush to my mother after getting fresh. I would tell her each and every minute detail of the day and she would keep on listening it while still working. Eventually, I realized that I too should learn to cook like her if I want to keep on eating the scrumptious food she makes and so I began training under her now and then. As she would vouch for me if you ask her, I have actually gotten good at it and still improving.

I have always felt that I would need this skill in future and my mother understands it herself. And so, she takes it as a proper job to prepare her pupil the best she can. She teaches me not just the half-baked basics of it but also the intricate secrets of flavour and colour- How much water and when. When to steer and when to stop. When to add that tinge you love and when to refrain. When I can’t do something, she shows it out to me and I tell her how she seems to be a master at it. To which she simply tells me, ‘Practice makes the master’.

Of course I am not a full-fledged cook by now but I can make a mean breakfast and lunch and a fantastico dinner for four. And while the menu may not include a Navratna Korma with Missi Roti (We are vegetarians), it’s all you would love to eat on a normal day of the week. And who knows, I may even learn those big ones in the future breaks. I am not yet saturated with learning to cook and there is serious room for more and more of it. It actually gives me a sense of secret joy as if I am patronizing superiority over those who can’t even light the gas . So much for the video games guys, good luck making a burger out of them :p

So what’s your keel evening buck-up activity? Tell us in the comments.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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