10 fantastico ads down the memory lane

Ever since those lovely times of Doordarshan when I was a little kid, I have been a television buff. Yes, we do enjoy those movies, talk shows, quiz programs or basically anything we can feed on so as to pass our time. But when Amitabh Bachchan used to ask us not to go anywhere between the breaks, I used to feel the need for some real good advertisements to actually keep me there. I guess everyone of us feel that. While we may shudder at the thoughts of a news reporter entering our washroom in the morning asking us- ‘Kya aapke toothpaste me namak hai’, we feel inspired about the power of human expression watching another. Some ads are peppy enough to make us laugh, some we remember because of their catch-phrases while some because they are just plain awesome.

Hence, in this post, we take a look at 10 fantastico ads through the years that have left a lasting impact on our minds regarding the product or otherwise with the sheer message they wanted to pass on. Considering that doing this is not an easy job with the huge number of advertisements over all these years, I am not going to rate them as a ‘best of all times’ or ‘top 10 of all times’ list. This is a personal list of those advertisements, from memory, but they are still some of the best that I know of. Here it goes-

#10-Tanishq Glamgold

Tanishq has been a major player when it comes to putting up beautiful, easy on the eyes and meaningful advertisements on the box for us. While one may argue that they pertain to more affluent audiences (which is totally fair if you really think about it), they tell you about those little things too which go along the jewels to make you the right person. I could have put any given Tanishq ad here and it would have suited the bill but I chose this particular one because of the sheer aura that it creates both visually and audibly. It features Neha Sharma as a peppy girl who goes about celebrating her sister’s wedding even when rain tries to play a spoil sport. While it has little to do with the actual jewellery, it’s a sweet gesture that makes a big difference in the proceeding and as such, is much like life.


Typing this out, I remembered another and would hate not to include this one. Yes I said 10 ads but I guess you will forgive me for this.


#9 Imperial Blue

Much like the previous entry, all of the Imperial Blue ads are plain classy. But if I had to choose one, it would be this. Guy is in a rush not waiting for some other people to get into the lift, finds an attractive girl when getting out, comes back and returns to the ground finding the people he left still there!


#8-Haywards 5000 Ad

No, I do not encourage you towards the product but I just love this ad. It was actually one that we friends used to talk about a lot in school. We used to be inspired within ourselves watching this but couldn’t really tell it to each other. So we pretended making fun of it, just so we could tell each other the line “Aaj main suraj se pehle utha, aakhir usse zada chamakna hai”. It shows the value of true grit to the audience and in a way that gets us truly going.


#7-No Idea, Get Idea

Before Idea started making those shitty IIN ads, it used to be cool. And those were the days when Abhishek Bachchan was on the rise in Indian entertainment business. But, the real talent lied in getting the catchphrase right and actually coming up with something that made part of everyday discussions. I even remember a particularly serious teacher of my school asking some student a question to which she was helpless and replied “No Idea Sir.” The teacher, to the utter surprise of the class came back with “Get Idea”. Now that’s how you do marketing, folks.


#6- Manoranjan ka Baap

It was probably the first ad for IPL and it could not have been any better. Catchy lines, a tragedic pretext, a plot to get the audiences wait for the final reveal and then the revelation- IPL made it as big with this advertisement as it did in the hearts of the millions of cricket fans in the country. And it all started with this-


#5-Daag acche hain

This one is so high on the cuteness quotient I had to include this. It actually hits the right notes with the heart by solving at least one problem that might come up when you try to do something good.


#4-Bajaj bulbs and tubes

Most things in life change, but few stand the test of time. Bajaj lights and tubes made a funny, lively statement out of this life lesson and made people realize how it has been with them always and wants to keep on doing so in times to come.


#3- M- Seal

No Indian ad made a statement about its utility better than this one. Hats off to the people who thought of it. If I were to really rank ads in terms of creativity, this one would take the top spot.


#2-Bajaj Scooters

This one is high on Nostalgia and honestly, I don’t remember watching it on television. But somehow I always knew this song and because we too had a Bajaj Scooter then, identified with the feeling of ‘Hamara Bajaj’. It still gives me the goosebumps.


#1- Pappu paas ho gaya

Nothing among Indian ads is more humorous than this one. While few may have produced more laughs when they originally came in, this has aged better than all. What’s more is that this prompted some other local brands to take to this catchphrase which is a big compliment to Cadbury. But then, they get it right almost every time.

And here is another bonus one, classy as ever. Forgive me but I can’t help this-


Which are your favourites among these or others? Let us know in the comments section


This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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