5 peppy things my phone thinks about



My phone and I have been together for 5 years now and going by the present day standards, it means something. We have seen bad times together and survived them; seen good times together and cherished them- all the time never thinking about anyone else to replace each other. It stood with me when I had that messy accident and pretty much everything I possessed then and there tore apart; but all this while it was still in my pocket, not letting go and holding on with all its might. It was there for me when I had to make that ultra-special call and the battery was giving up. But my phone collected all its strength and came back to my aid when I needed it the most. If I keep on counting those moments, it would take a day. But what does my phone think about me or about its life at large? Here is a navigation through the mind of my phone-

#1- They just got screens, I got buttons too.

My phone believes in ‘more is better’ rather than the ‘quality matters’. It has taken after me in this – “What’s better than a burger? 3 burgers”. Besides, it cannot help but notice that phones these days come with a large size but they no longer have those buttons. And it takes pride in being different from others. Once I put it among other phones before an exam and afterwards, it actually played the ‘Main Albela jawan hoon akela’ song on each call.


#2- That cousin, might be lying in a dump or something.  Used to tease me he was going with such a beautiful girl. Take that.

My phone looks back at that moment in time when a beautiful girl had come to that shop in which it was on display. It had wished then to go with her and to always be with her. But it’s cousin pushed it down just as the owner came to grab it and took it’s cousin instead. My phone can never forget that grin on it’s cousin’s face as it teased my phone all the way to billing.




#3- My master is a douchebag.

No matter how much I may love my phone, some scars can never heal. Yes I was at fault but I am only human and I make mistakes. But it can never forget how I repeatedly let it get tossed off the bed to the floor, from the blanket while dusting it to the roof and then to the floor and that one time when I let it fall off the bus. It lost it’s camera guard and was never the same again. It thinks I am a total douchebag, much like many in my life.


#4- But he isn’t so bad.

I may have done bad things to it but my phone understands that I am not a bad person. He acknowledges the fact that while others change their phones these days as fast as they change their character, I have been a constant with both. And it admires me for that. Also, it likes how I speak into it when I talk to people. It’s not the weird ear and mouth transport all the way but the classic posture of the way all phones desire to be held.


#5- Dumped my girl, master got me another

My phone dumped its battery recently without even telling me. Maybe they had a misunderstanding that turned bad or maybe a serious falling out on important decisions. Anyhow, I just walked out of an exam and my phone denied powering up. I threw in all the usual niceties- “good phone, honest phone, please start” but it didn’t. Then I realized it had dumped its battery after a 4 year long relation. I was shocked and looked for it everywhere but to no avail. Finally, I got it another one and it powered up ever so happily. The clever thing it is.


My phone is one with a strong character. It doesn’t break down, doesn’t hang up and does not need hours of charging for minutes of work. It is a fantastico piece of  toughness and good heart combined. And I can only ask for so much.


This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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