7 songs that must play when these 7 Indian Batsmen bat

So this was a BIG title but it couldn’t be helped. Because when it comes to cricket, we just can’t help getting more and more of- more matches every year, more runs, more boundaries, more controversies, ahem ahem. Point is, that no matter you are a hardcore cricket enthusiast or not, by news or views, it does come around to entertain us in more than one ways. So, without much ado (because it doesn’t really matter what I write before the actual list), let’s get to this list of 7 peppy songs that must play when these 7 Indian batsmen come to bat. This is a light hearted and fun list and I do not in any way want to comment anything degrading about any player. This is not because I want to be diplomatic but because I totally love the Indian batters for what they bring to the game-

#1- Shikhar Dhawan-

When Shikhar Dhiwan came into the Indian team as a reliable opener, he made an impact. He seemed to be a reliable opener, who could flourish the innings at any desirable pace. He could build the innings up with the other middle and then take it up from there or even provide those early fireworks. He had that winning attitude and the left-right combo with Rohit seemed to click. But much of that seems to have dried up now as we no longer see that steady guy anymore. Many times, he cannot show nay footwork in the beginning and gives away his wicket easily.


#2- Rohit Sharma-

Here is a guy whose very strength became his greatest weakness once. He came in with the tag of Mr. Talented into international cricket and he was the greatest find for India in the decade. Everyone looked to him as the next big thing but he could never really prove it on the big day. Still, MSD saw the grit in this guy and chose to stick with him. And Lo and behold, he has become the wonder boy he was always meant to be. And he has worked extremely hard for it. He has learnt to discipline himself and not be tempted into those shots that earlier got him out. He has learnt that when he is batting, he is batting first more for the country and then to display his own batwork-


#3- Virat Kohli-

I respect Virat Kohli and I have gotten to great lengths debating with people how he is the best batsman in the cricket world today. If he takes care of his attitude and can work through those injuries and troubles he might face at a later phase in his life, he could well become or even surpass the legend Sachin Tendulkar is. But he needs to do all those things and soon. Also, he should not let a heroine ruin this respect.


#4- Ajinkya Rahane-

Yes, he is the closest we have anything to the prodigy that Rahul Dravid was. But he need to be better because it’s no longer the game where you got time to get yourself settled and then pace your innings. That does come at times and those are times when the team needs a guy like him. But he could try to be a bit more.


#5- Suresh Raina-

He is probably the only Indian batter today who can simply walk and start playing those big shots. But he has lost his touch in recent times and that has been leading to his exclusion from some important matches too. It’s high time he realizes posting selfies with your wifey can only take you so long-


#6- Ravindra Jadeja-

If there is a Sir, it’s Sir Jadeja. Probably the best fielder in world cricket today and the only thing close to an all-rounder in the team, Sir Jadeja is an invaluable asset to the team. But it would be interesting to see how his performance turns out to be after he is wedded.



#7- M.S. Dhoni-

If there is a god in present day cricket, it’s MSD. And I don’t even need to tell you why. As for his charisma, here is a song-


And here is a bonus one for Roger Binny-


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