10 peppy things to gift her this Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is near and the season of love is in full bloom. Now if you’ve got yourself a better-half, a girlfriend, a partner in crime then you of course are expected to come up with something special for her. That it is a Sunday makes things all the more challenging for you and the expectation quotient keeps on rising higher and higher. So if you are still not set on what you would present your girl as a gift, then here are some peppy items to get you inspired or if not that then to straight-away buy them. I am also including the best e-shop link I can think of for the gifts. So, read on and ‘May the Love be with you’.

#1- Bags-  Shop for it here

You may not know it yet but there is probably nothing she loves more than a classy, elegant handbag to carry with her on regular days. If she is an independent bird then a nice handbag gives her the ‘lady on a mission’ sort of feeling and nothing would please her better. If your girl is like that, leave the rest of the list and go buy this one. She will be surprised at how you got this right, you will be surprised at how surprised she is and I will be surprised that you actually took my advice.


#2- Book-

If she is an intellectual force and her free time is better spent in her room reading books and novels instead of hanging around with friends then this is the thing for her. Give her a book and you will be in her memory for as many hours she reads it. Give her a book that never ends and be there forever.


#3- Eyeshadow Palettes

She has the eyes of a doe and she knows it? Gift her this eyeshadow palette and every time she looks into the mirror at her beautiful eyes, she will remember it’s because of you.

#4- Ring+ Bracelet- 

She loves dressing up traditional for occasions and can’t help get away with the idea of the beautiful Indian girl then this is the best possible thing you can add to her attire. They will ask her where she got it and she would hesitate to tell. Then eventually she would admit and you win brownie points.



#5- Candles

Shop for it here

She may be the no-nonsense type but when she is in love with you, she can’t shed the idea of how romantic candle-lit evenings can get. Gift her one, gift her many,  gift her till her eyes begin to sparkle.

#6- Stiletto/Boots

She loves to stand against you and she wants to look tall. It’s something she doesn’t wish to desire but something that comes upon her naturally. So gift her this awesome pair of stiletto and she would be as peppy and chirpy as she can be. If she is quite tall or even taller than you, then gifting this shows how comfortable you are with her desires. You may also go for boots if you know she has been meaning to get them for some time but if you ask me, the former is better





#7- A leather jacket

You may not see it but she has a side you overlook. When you get on that bike and she sits behind you as you pass through a foggy night, she looks on your shoulders and thinks of buying a cool leather jacket for herself. She doesn’t buy it most of the times because she passes it as a fantasy. But now you know and now you can give her one.

#8- Thermos Coffee mug

She loves travelling the hard way and she loves to stop between things to contemplate what nature means. She takes some photos and now wants some coffee as she holds on her camera to see the shot. At that time, you can’t pour her a cup from your regular 90s thermos. It doesn’t go with her DSLR. She needs this thing.





#9 Diary

If she is the good girl and your love life has just started, gift her a tasty modish diary to recollect your memories together. Make sure that it is unruled and prefer one with hand made paper.

#10- Chocolates- 

At the end of the day, if you are going to propose then there never has been and there never will be anything better than chocolates. It has an inherent benefit too. If she says Yes, she is yours; if she says No, you can always eat the chocolates.  Also, for some uncanny reasons, she knows nothing better than Ferrero Rocher so go with that. Married ones, give her a big pack of Nutella and she will be even more delighted.


  • This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today. 
  • The post that prompted me to write about this stuff is this. The present post is different in that the former talks about types of gifts on the big day while my post is concerned with particular items you can actually buy and present to her.

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