You jump, I jump

Saurya and Saloni stood at the rooftop, holding each other’s hands for a few seconds before they let go. They looked at one another and then looked down. Both of them took a deep breath and jumped.

Three years earlier, the two of them had first met at the exact same spot. They were introduced by a mutual friend and they instantly took to each other. It was like those times when you see a person and get to know him/her and you want to know more. And the feeling was mutual. Each of them had made an impact on the other. They started talking now and then about the things of the day.  Slowly, those discussions moved to talks about each other’s personal lives, their likes, their dislikes, their best kept secrets and their worst kept fears. They mostly talked about the useful things but someone would then get off topic for a minute and the whole conversation would shift to another dimension.

It wasn’t easy to get time for each other among their hectic, restless, gruesome schedules. But their relationship endured the test of time and each passing day found them stronger, smarter and better at things. They understood that the time when they used to get vacations and breaks was gone and that they could not depend their relationships on them. But when you are really in love with something, problems do not matter. Each day they were learning solutions and they would find a solution to that too.

Every morning, they would wake up before sunrise, even before anyone else could rise and meet at that roof, first looking at each other, then in time at the rising sun and begin their days the way they always wanted to. Then, bidding each other goodbye with a promise to meet again the next day; with a promise to keep meeting, they would depart to their separate days.

The rest of the day, discipline and authority prevented them from meeting each other. They would know ‘they’ wouldn’t like that and they would know somewhere in their hearts that it was wrong. But they kept on. The power of love is beyond the power of reason but they didn’t believe it meant something negative. They believed that whenever they had to tackle obstacles, run those extra miles and push those stumbling blocks away in life, it was this power of love that made them do things better than others. On the days of celebrations, they could meet in front of everyone. Saloni would then pray that there always are celebrations and that they keep growing. Saurya would look into her eyes and say Amen.

Three years had passed together in their training. That day, both the girl and boy camps were called together and the great master presided. He told them about their next task and that those who did it successfully in their first attempt would prove themselves to be worthy of becoming true fighters. He also told them that those who passed would get to accompany other masters in a conglomeration of the various martial art schools around the world.  He told them of the jump they had to make off  the rooftops and himself demonstrated the task so that they may understand. He asked them to take up a navigation through all their years of training there and before that to come on top of the task. He also told them that the risks would involve months. Then he asked for volunteers, and only two people raised their hands. They were Saloni and Saurya.

The two of them went to the roofs together, knowing deep down that this structure of their love would not betray them. They looked down at the ground to see their mates with aspiring eyes as the two jumped down, together. Saloni landed briskly and smoothly but Saurya hit the ground with an impact. The crowd shuddered to rush to him but the great master stopped them. Saloni moved closer to him offering her hand. He held it and got up, revealing that he was well and had gotten the better of the task.

The great master came to them and raised their hands high in the air as the two witnessed their victory; the victory of the power of their love.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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