5 peppy street food items within 30 ₹

Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.

Doesn’t matter whether you are a foodie or just an ‘eat to live’ sort of boring person, (Yes, I am degrading you, Go get a life!), when you see other people noshing upon those scrumptious little nothings across the street ,you just can’t help fight those mouth watering temptations. After all, if you take good food out of the question, you take the spice out of your life. Regular food is fine and when it really comes down to it, nothing actually beats a good plate of ‘dal-chawal’ with just a little ‘desi-ghee’ poured on top of it. But for other times, your taste-buds need those counselling sessions telling them there are many other prospects in life and you can always try them when the doses of gobhi prove to be too much to endure. Just so all this doesn’t get too heavy on the pocket, we are not going to navigate through the menu of a starry restaurant or a dhabha for that matter. We are focusing our attention  taste-buds on five peppy street food items that you can have under ₹ 30 so as to make for a complete, one-time meal-

#1- Chow mein-

This is Chow mein. Chowmein is the tastiet thing you will ever eat on the street. Chowmein feeds thousands  everyday and isn’t arrogant. Be like Chowmein 🙂 (Source)

If you ask me right now that if you were to give me a treat and I could eat a meal anywhere in the city, I would take road-side Chow mein everyday of the week and twice on Sundays Mondays (because we get ‘phool-gobhi’ on Mondays 😦 ). I can tell you from a certain expertise here that for 30 ₹ , you can have

  • two plates of plane chowmein or
  • a plate of chowmein fried with two eggs or
  • One plate with a single egg and come back 5 rupees richer.

While the prices may vary a little around your place, they generally are the same when it comes to street food. And believe me when I say it, after the quantity they give you, you do not need anything more.

#2- Burgers-


What is better than a burger? Two burgers. Do not go WTF when I say this but if you search well enough, you can get 3 burgers for 30 ₹ around my place. And I don’t live under a rock but in pretty much the busiest corners of a premier Indian Metro. So, if you live any higher then lets say two burgers. Isn’t it still a swell deal?

#3- Veg and egg rolls-

Back home I used to get 2 scrumptious veg rolls (3 when I was in school) that used to make my morning to evening food during tight coaching schedules. As it turns out, you can get

  • two veg rolls or
  • two egg rolls or
  • one veg and one egg roll

for 30 ₹ there. Now while the veg rolls in my new place aren’t that good, the egg roll thing still stands.

#4- Kachori/Samosa/Vadapao-


These are generally priced equal and although you may not find Kachoris or Vadapaos at all places, a little research must land you a 10 rupee samosa. Take three with those different sauces and chutneys they have to offer and you are hooked. Also, if I may suggest for those who simply can’t go for three, take two and the for the remaining 10 ₹ , get a jaljeera pani to take care of the samosas (if you know what I mean).

#5- Macaroni Fried rice-

This one might be a little low on quantity but the taste would be unparalleled (except for chow mein, chow mein rocks). If you are able to find a good enough place, as not every guy makes it, you have a comapanion for many tough times. Here is a bonus one I am including here because this Macaroni-Fried Rice isn’t all that common for streets-

  • Pav Bhaji : Beginning with Maharashtra probably, Pav Bhaji seems to be the pioneer among cost-effective street foods. Come to think of it, I should have given it the first place much rather putting it as a bonus with the 5th entry. But that’s just me and I get it every Friday morning in Breakfast ( How do you like them apples 😛 )

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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