5 peppy ways to lose the friend zone


If you have been living under a rock for the sake of that girl you have a crush on and have been attending to all her needs without equal remuneration or even recognition, lose the friend zone. If it has been too long since you two have been ‘friends’ and you don’t think you will ever be more than that in her eyes, lose the friend zone. If you are one of those unluckiest of people she rehearses her lines to impress her crush on, lose the friend zone. You can do it yourself and you DO NOT need to read this post. It was you who got yourself into this and you know better than anyone what you did wrong. Still if you like, here are 5 peppy ways to escape that ditch-

#1- Tell her you love a girl; let her be an enemy


If you want to have an immediate resolution or a certainty test of your friend zone, tell her you are in love with/like  a girl. Pick someone who she hates or rather despises secretly but hasn’t discussed with you. All this time walking left right left with her should at least do some good to you and you should know a girl like that. Doing this serves two purposes.

  • It brings about that jealousy factor in and believe it or not, movies have taught this thing right. It is even better if the intended girl is her enemy because it not only increases the jealousy factor manifold, it gives your case a higher prominence in her eyes. In a nutshell, it gets her thinking about you.
  • If she does not react the way you guessed and she just isn’t into anything with you, you get to know it and can move on (maybe with the girl you mentioned)

Also, ask her to help you out in making things work between the two of you. That gives you the power over her because now she is expected to do something FOR YOU instead of the usual other way round.


#2- Change your choices, act like an anti-her.

The whole soulmates jargon is flawed and the only true rule is that ‘opposites attract’. You are her friend because you seem to do the same shit together. Maybe you chose do to all that so as to be with her. You go shopping, watch similar movies out, like the same food and she doesn’t need to think and change anything. So change your choices instead. Tell her you like Punjabi food and not the Italian crap. Tell her you think Salman Khan is the god of actors and that you will only watch his films.

Change yourself in ways that she has to make an effort to be with you. When she does that, you become a priority instead of being taken for granted.


#3- Stop being ‘nice’ to everyone-

When you are being a nice person in front of everyone, you are not winning any points. She may assume you are simply like that. Instead, try to be good to her only and not everyone. This would make her feel privileged. Then slowly, get to step 4.

#4- Stop being the dog catching the ball

It’s bad enough to be the dog catching the ball and even worse to do so before she can throw it. Taking care of her needs without being asked for is a strict NO NO. In fact, start being selective in granting her favours. Let her know that you don’t get 48 hours a day and that what you do for her is not a Mother Teresa’s act.


#5- Get fantastic and start making an impact-

Work on your looks. You can’t become a Brad Pitt overnight but you can try to be your best. Become that and take it from there. Start being dominating with other people in front of her and make an impact to get her to notice your dynamics. Play tricks on her and get her to see your quirks. Mild flirting is the best, that is, if you can.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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