What a Moral Science story taught me


There are times in life when your heart takes navigation back to those Moral Science books that you never paid much attention to in your school life. You thought that whatever is written in them is too good to be incorporated in real life and is only meant to make you feel better. Still, there are lessons and stories that have stayed on with you. These are the stories that mean something to you now and will matter more so as you grow up. You would realize that the very things that were meant to make you feel better and to introspect for a second were the things that have had an impact on the real education of your life. Here is a leaf from those very books, for I don’t know who the author was, but I understand the meaning of it.

A boy wakes up as he hears the creek of the door. It’s 11 p.m. and his father has come back from work. He rushes out to wish him a good night, him, who is everything that makes up his world; everything that’s left of it. When he reaches outside, his father has already shut the door. He might have been tired or he might have thought not to disturb his son in his sleep.
The next day, as they eat on the dining table, there is little the son can say to his Father. Both of them have to get ready or they would be late for Office and school. This day too would end up in a similar fashion.

Another day and this time, the boy hasn’t got up from bed. His father is ready for office and he notices this. He comes into the boy’s room and asks him to get ready soon or he would make both of them late. His son calls him to his bed and signals to sit beside him. He hesitantly does. “Whatever it is, finish up soon”, he tells him. His son asks, “Dad, What is your salary for an hour?”. His father is enraged. Why would his son want to know about his salary? He asks the reason but his son replies it’s something he just wants to know. Finally the father replies that it’s Rs. 200. The son immediately asks his father for a 100 rupee note. His father is on his verge but still hands it over to him, thinking it might be something his son needs. Taking the note, the son pulls another 100 rupee note from under his pillow and keeps them together in his hands. Now, the father is outraged and shouts, “Why did you need a 100 rupee note when you already had one?”. The son says, “ Because Dad, I needed two hundred rupees for an hour with you. It’s Father’s day tomorrow and I want to spend one hour in the evening with you”. As he says so, he comes closer to his Dad and hugs him tight. His father can’t believe it. Tears start rolling his eyes as he clutches his son close to him. He realizes how much time has changed him and comes to know that in spite of all the pleasures he has given to his son, the most valuable of it, his time is one that has eluded his son always. With a heavy but determined heart, he vows his son to change it.

Life is simple, just like the above story. It’s just not easy. There may be times that are too grave for everything to be cheerful and merry. But these are times that test how strong you can hold on to each other. So instead of getting out there and trying to have ‘fun’, get in, come home and spend time with your family. Talk to them, share their joys, their fantasies and tell them you are there for them as they are there for you.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today. This post documents the IMPACT the given story has had on me


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