Beyond the borders

“Beyond the borders, lies their love. Will the two hearts meet?”

It was a time unknown and it was a land unvisited. Two strangers were about to begin a journey and their paths were about to cross, much like many other love stories . Would you want to know them?

Neeti looked up at the old, robust structure in front of her. It was her dream to be there and today she was. In a moment, her mind recollected everything she had been through to see this day. She knew the journey had been tough, she knew the impact it had had on her and that she deserved a break. Athar stood at the other entrance of the same building. Things had been easy all his life and he feared them being any different. He started on his way in but stopped in his steps. His eyes rose to the skies in gratitude and while he knew his prayers were answered, he asked for a bit more.

The two strangers from different lands ended up in the same class. It was a good day and the end of it found Athar and Neeti happy to have found company in a foreign land. They discovered they were neighbours; not the type whose houses were close to each others’ but the type whose countries shared borders. They talked a bit, shared their contacts and returned home.

The next few days would follow the same suit with the duo getting to share some more time together, talking about their lives and the things that comprised them. Soon, they would become friends and the times together would triple. In time, they would get to know those sweet nothings about each other which makes people fall into love with each other. It wouldn’t happen like those corny movies they grew up watching and visits to the coffee-shop would not be followed by questions about what sort of boy or girl the two wanted in their lives. Because when they would be in each others’ company, they wouldn’t think about other people. Much like this, there wouldn’t be a rose and cards and guy on knees moment. Still, they would know that they were lovers.

But calamity will strike as it always does and the time they were to share together would run out. It was going to be a tough goodbye and they knew it.

On the last day at college, both of them were late. It occurred to their most personal of realizations that the most sincere education during those months was not that in that classroom but outside it in each others’ company. And they promised to always remember this education. With this promise in their hearts, they parted.

But things weren’t so easy. You can put a border between hearts but to love, to love there is no border. Athar knew this and he made Neeti realize it once a few days passed at home. Neeti responded with the same love and they knew they had to be together. But Neeti wasn’t so brave. Those whose lives have been hard know it’s not right to walk on thin ice. But Athar was adamant. He wasn’t like Neeti and the way together didn’t look tough to him.

And so he set out on his journey, on his navigation to his love across the border. He thought about the million plans he had and those million things he wanted to do along with Neeti in his life. Soon he was there. THEY were there.

The two met and the spark was re-ignited.  Love wasn’t in the air but it was in their hearts and that was fine for them. Then Athar told Neeti about his plans. He anticipated Neeti to throw herself into his arms. But she didn’t. She told Athar that they could never be together. He argued and she responded. He wasn’t to be pacified but she knew better. She told him she had to leave and Athar asked what would become of them. She told him they would find better people in life and that it would all be fine. He asked her if they were to forget each other and she said, “No, we will always have Paris.”

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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