Why you must wear that uniform.

In one of my Tech-Comm. classes a couple of years ago, a discussion took place about whether Uniforms/Dress codes should be made compulsory in organizations that incorporate huge numbers of members from variegated backgrounds?  Now I have been someone who has always believed that a dress code is imperative when it comes to projection of oneness in organisations and as such have a deep impact on the people trying to work towards a common good. Here are some of the points that I raised.

  • Uniform Eliminates Inequality: In any organization that consists of members from variegated backgrounds, there will no doubt be differences based on culture and economic status. While the more influential section may get a chance to boast about its superiority on the less influential one, the radically different cultures may stress following an unacceptable dress code. To eliminate these inconsistencies, a mandatory Uniform system is inevitable.
  • Sense of belonging: Certain individuals within the organization may suffer from an identity crisis in the face of certain problems. Uniform gives them a sense of belonging and an assurance that they are but, part of a greater whole.
  • Uniform brings unity: With inequality eliminated, a realized sense of unity and brotherhood can be fostered in such organizations. This is a classic reason why sports teams are made to wear the same type of clothes. No doubt they are playing under the same banner but the quality of their being one inseparable unit comes out of this Uniform only. Again, on a lighter note, if there is some conflict ( the desi word for which is ‘matter’) , You can know who is on whose side.
  • It’s easily affordable:  From personal experience, wearing a uniform to school/college is far more affordable than having to look out for different clothes each day. While that may not be directly true for certain organizations in the short run whereby there is need to maintain a dynamic and rich profile on a regular basis, the long term effects are more or less in compliance with the observed phenomenon.
  • The bigger picture: The reasons given earlier supporting the requirement of a proper dress code in organizations cites reasons for the same on the basis of an individualistic approach to the matter at hand. We have only talked about how you, me, as individuals get to gain from a dress code. But, for most part of it, dress code is more about the organization as a whole than about the individual. Organizations themselves have certain missions and dress code is a symbol as well as a way of accomplishing them. Providing its members with a work-environment that is in harmony with all sorts of individualistic aspirations  is an integral part and while putting a dress code in place may seem contrary to this at first, a deeper thought into it shows that the way members dress plays a significant role in providing a sense of ‘official’ integrity. Thus, for an organization, quite irrespective of its type and composition, it becomes indispensable to introduce its members with the merits and imperatives of a certain dress code suitable to its functioning.

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