Peppy confessions of a college stud: An interview

Want some inspiration? Here is an account of a peppy talk we had with a college stud- For purposes of anonymity, we will refer to him as Mr. Fogg. When we asked Mr.Fogg if he has ever fallen in love, he told us that he had had many girlfriends but nothing like love. This prompted us to do this interview.

Note: The following Q &As are actually based in a world like that with more or less the same continuity and required a bit more prompting to get those answers. The form of the answers have been changed a bit so as to better suit the audiences but the essence remains intact. Also, the final document was confirmed by Mr.Fogg himself before publication. Enjoy-

Q) Hello Mr. Fogg and thank you for giving us your valuable time. Could you please tell us when you became self aware about you being a sort of chick-magnet?

A) I was in my class 8th. She was in class….. 8th. (Yes, It sounded anti-climactic to us too). We weren’t in the same section but got introduced through some mutual friends and instantly took to each other. The best times for  both of us used to be those between lectures. Our classes had a common water-cooler so naturally, we used to get thirsty a lot- like a lot lot. Slowly our conversations moved into that zone where you ask ” what kinda guy you want in your life”. She basically gave a description of myself, quite intentionally, with some minor details changed. We know there was a spark and after exams, we had a flame. Then came class 9th and we discovered there were other people in each others’ lives. Things slowly dried out.

Q) So how much time did it take you to move into another, more fulfilling relationship?

A) The shaping of another relationship was the primary reason for splitting in the first place.

Q) So if I say, you weren’t loyal, would I be right?

A) At that age you are too naive to decide what’s right or wrong. First you do things and then realize whether it was right or wrong. My first few relationships were tantamount to this fact. When you meet new people, you feel like you deserve more.

Q) Something tells me that going through each of your next few minor relationships would be too hefty. So, let’s cut to the chase and tell us about a more serious relationship of yours.

A) Cut to class 11th. Some new friends some old. But all the gupshup about the new girl in town. What started out as a challenge as to who can get her number turned out to be much more than that. While a week of tutions made me forget about the challenge, a friend request on Facebook changed things upside down. Uptil then, I hadn’t seen her but when I did, I knew it was time to cut the crap and get real.  Did I tell you she was a junior by two years (Finally, something made up for that anticlimax we had)?  I first met her in person when I spotted that face on the road back from school. I was on my motorbike and stopped her in her tracks. Being a senior gave me that leverage. Had some small intro and then we were hooked. Then with some help from Zuckerburg and the rest to the fact that I was the house captain of her house, things started getting intimate. We used to hang about for hours after school on the pretense of preparing for various competitions (although we actually did prepare, sometimes). I used to drop her home and the bond was getting better. Those numerous hours which never really felt enough were when I realized that she was ‘The girl of my life’. No points for guessing, that official status of being committed came soon enough and lasted for the next two years.

Q) Two years you say?  But you seemed like totally into her. What brought about this break-up?

A) After +2 ,  I got into a cool-enough college, If you know what I mean. No matter what they say, long distance relationships are messy. Also, when you go into a big college, you get to see the bigger picture. What seemed to be the perfect life now seemed incomplete.

Q) So, were there any other?

A) Honestly Yes and ironically, it was a long distance relationship.

Q) You Sir, seem to fit the description of an infedil.

A) You can say that and you cannot say that. She was an old friend for whom I might have had a soft corner somewhere. But then we were both committed separately and now we were both suddenly single and needy. That infatuation which we might have shared once was now culminating into a Ross-Rachel sort of complicated relationship. She became my way to escape the harsh realities of life. She was there for me when I was there for her.

Q) You talk in a past-tense even now. Did this one end too? Please say NO for the sake of our readers.

A) Actually, it didn’t last long. For a few couple of months only, but they were good months. Then we realized there was no future to it and that it was taking a toll on our daily lives. By mutual consent, we decided to stop being a couple and by mutual consent, we decided to remain friends.

Q) So what’s your current relationship status? Complicated?

A) Single and firm to be so for a long, long time.

Q) Any justifications for such a ‘resolute decision’?

A) This is calling everyone reading this blog, until you have asked this question to yourself and gotten the answer to it, no one is worth compromising your goal. And the question is- “Have you established enough to your satisfaction and of your parents? Do they consider you successful?”. You will get a lot of time to meet ‘The One’. For now, stop looking for one single person and start living for everyone.

This was the story of Mr.Fogg, a ‘stud’ turned ‘future stud but right now normal guy’. If you liked his conclusion of life, tell us. If you didn’t , tell us all the same.

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