Impact of the truth and whether you can handle it.

*You want answers?*

I want the truth.

*You can’t handle the truth.

– A few good men

No matter what your instincts tell you, you do not want to hear the truth in your lives. And if I or someone else, even someone you are quite intimate with, were to tell you their exact sentiments about you, you would end regretting asking for it in the first place. What this means isn’t necessarily an ability to come in terms with it but that the need to accept things in life and take it from there is crucial. Here are a few ways to help you do that-

When you know the truth, you can act upon it-

There may be delusions that we would have held for some time and they might be preventing you from improving upon it. Hearing the truth, although something that brings about grief in the shorter run is actually good for you in the longer run. When you really accept the naked realities of life, you live up to the idea of being a motivated and mature person. Having done that once gives you chance to make things better.

It lets go passive imagination-

When you see things the way they aren’t but the way you want them to be, shit happens. There is no beating around the bush here and once you start seeing the objective side of things, you start making improvements.

When you want something better, you work better-

The minute that shadow of deception and delusion escapes through from your mind. it starts working towards realizing the goals that are actually achievable on a real basis and ward off dreamy situations that you have always felt ‘just might happen’. It’s one thing to aim big in life and another to know your actual potential. When the truth comes to your door, it teaches you a valuable lesson- Before you go for something you want, know if you can get it.

Truth helps you understand people better-

There are those who can say it in your face and there are those who can say it sitting with their friends in your absence. But most of them know the truth. When you can get the latter say it in your face, you have earned enemies. When you can get the former say keep it away from you , you have earned friends. Truth and its subjectivity makes you a better judge of people’s innate tendencies and you become more mature in understanding the cycle of human relations.

Truth creates a sense of thankfulness to the things in life-

When you are able to see beyond those mental projection you had formed around yourself, you become thankful for the good things in life. While, these might not be things that seem as fulfilling in an immediate time-frame like success, they are things we live by. As Reinhold Niebuhr said-

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference.


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