Making an impact vs. Leaving a legacy

“It’s not about reaching to the top. It’s about staying there”

There have been numerous superstars who made a huge impact in the wrestling world when they arrived. But few to none of them were able to leave a legacy of it. They made the news, fans hailed them as the next big thing and before you know, they were gone. Of course the gimmick, the script and the moves are all pre-decided, it’s how YOU sell them that matters. In that context, here is a look at 5 WWE stars who made in big in the business and what they left. The numbers 5 & 4 are those that showed promise but disappeared without fully realizing their true greatness, the next two are those that started grey but went on to become true legends and the numero uno is someone that did both.

#5- Test-

When Test came in, he made an impact like few others ever did. He wrestled in WWE from 1998-2004 and again from 2006-2007 before exiting the company for good. The first time, he was able to did this even with superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austn, The Rock and Triple H already headlining main events. But Test snatched the best storylines away and really jolted the universe. Trained by Bret Hart himself, he had the right physique and the ability to make low card matches feel top card, Test was someone who should have left a legacy behind. But let alone this, many supposed WWE fans wouldn’t even know his name at this point.

#4- Goldberg-


There was no probably no better a fighter in WWE if it were to really come down to ‘fighting’. Unmatched in physical strength and going more than a hundred fights undefeated, Goldberg came to the big stage with a reputation fr himself. He was booked against topcards like Triple H and even overcame someone of the greatness of Brock Lesnar, who was being booked as the next big think then, with relative ease. It is shocking to see how he lost his way and became just a name in the long list of fallen superstars.


#3- John Cena-

I was actually going to put The Rock here given his change of gimmick and subsequent rise to glory. But I chose Cena. He is someone who never really made any distinguished impact on the audiences for several years. They were just fine with him. But once he got his own, he never looked back. When people talk of cooler superstars like CM Punk, they tell me how he was infinitely better than Cena. Sure, I loved Punk’s second city saint gimmick and the promos he cut that time with his pipebombs but everything actually wears off with time. That is what has happened with Cena but the point why he is a true legend is how he has stood through everything. It’s this resilience that makes him the greatest champ of WWE.

#2- Stone Cold-

Quite inarguably, there has been no greater a superstar in WWE than Stone Cold Steve Austin. But this truck-driving, beer drinking, rule-breaking anarchist wasn’t always like that. He had his share of failures before Pual Heyman re-introduced him with a new gimmick. And then he cut that promo- “Stone Cold 3:16 says- I just whooped your ass” and thus began the era of the greats- ‘The Attitude era”.

#1- Brock Lesnar-

He was the ‘next big thing’ from the first day he walked into that ring and he is the ‘beast incarnate now.  The youngest world champion of his time, Lesnar beat the Rock within months of his entry for the title, in a match that would go into history as a true classic. And he has continued his legacy to this day, taking a big gap in between but returning even bigger. In his words, he is not an athlete, he is an asskicker. And all of WWE knows, he is one.

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