5 peppy ways to lose your girlfriend

Has it been too long since you have felt that spark which used to light up your whole day? Do you feel like, Yes, it has been a good ride but do not really see smooth roads ahead.? Have you two had multiple differences in opinions, resulting in big squabbles over petty things? Do you want to get rid of your girlfriend but have been delaying it for fear of upsetting her? Well then, here are some peppy, quirky ways to lose your girlfriend without much hue or cry-

#1- Tell her something like, “You deserve better”.

If you take it straight up from talking positive about her rather than counting how you didn’t like the million things about her but didn’t really confess, it’s not going to make things any better. Give her something she wants to hear and something that would keep her optimistic towards a better, more fulfilling relationship in future. It’s almost better if you say some “I don’t deserve you” sort of thing instead of the titular one. Although it may basically mean, “I can’t afford you” if what you are saying isn’t true, chances are she would like it. If you really feel like it’s true, all the better.

#2- Being open and honest wouldn’t help.

If you are going to tell her that you have had doubts regarding her or that you think she flirts with other guys then it is likely to result in an utter chaos and the thing would hang on for days. If you really think there is some other specific guy, and now that you are obviously going to end things with her, why not end it on a happy note. Tell her that you feel she likes/loves that particular guy and that you are fine with it. Tell her, she should take things further with him. If she says she doesn’t, throw in a big one- “You don’t know it yet, but you do”.

#3- Never end at the start.

When you are breaking up, it is best to actually meet each other and then do it rather than some hefty email or something to do it. If your relationship started from chatting online and so you feel that’s how it should end, think again. Also, do not meet at a place where you usually go to spend time. It would have many nice memories associated with it and it would spoil your case if she has to hear it there. Choose a rather shoddy place that goes with the wibe.

#4- Own the decision

When you have decided to break the relationship, you have to own it. Confess to her using phrases like “I believe” and ” I have decided to” instead of “We should”. Take her away from the feeling that it is her fault. It’s nobody’s fault and shit happens. You may sound cruel to her at first and she might even judge you. But with time, she would deem you with a better sense of perception.

#5- “Let’s stay friends” is crap.

You don’t stay friends with someone you break-up with. Get her off your facebook, your instagram, your everything. It’s for the mutual good. Imagine you taking another girl a few days later and she would be like, “What the hell”. It’s best to remember each other in memories where you were just each others’. Also, if you already have another girl, then its best not to tell her when you break-up.

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