Trying my hands on music


Within the walls of the bathroom, everyone is a singer. Some are fine to take it a step ahead and hum tune now and then even with people around. And then there are those utterly bashless ones, like me, who jump at the chance of singing at the slightest pretense, or without any pretense for that matter. But all that has never been able to make anything of a good singer out of me and the biggest compliment I have ever received for my singing goes like-

“If you compare what he sings to the actual song, it is completely different in all respects! But when you see him singing, it looks like he is taking so much joy out of it that you like it”.

And I am well aware of this. Still, nothing has ever kept me from going about singing my mind whenever anyone asks me to. “You asked for it” is, I guess, self-implied in matters like those.

So this one is about a singing competition, that I had participated in my 8th standard at school. Well, technically, saying that I participated would be wrong, as you would find later on so let’s just say I tried my hands on it. Now, what really goes into the procedure of participating in such a competition is not that you go to some guy and fill in a document and you are in. In fact, you are ‘recruited’ for the purpose.

We had the system of four houses in our college and all the competitions used to be inter-house. As such, the house captains were responsible to get the best students from all classes and then after a screening, you could participate on the big day. I remember it was the Maths class going on when my college vice-captain, a rather peppy girl came for the supposed ‘recruitment’. She asked for the house students who were willing to participate in the ‘Patriotic Singing Competition’. Multiple students raised their hands but my Maths teacher, who knew of my singing ‘talents’ recommended my name. But the girl wasn’t sure. She wanted proof. So my teacher made me sing a song right then. I hadn’t a patriotic song in mind so I just went about with ” Toota toota ek parinda”. I must have been fine with it actually because not only did the whole class clap (which is not a big deal actually because they almost always do it) but the girl captain also praised me, calling me a ‘good singer’.

I was actually quite confident after this. The same day, I was called from my Mathematics Lab ( Weird?) for the screening process by the same girl captain. The house mentor, a senior teacher, was presiding over things. Before asking me to sing, he made me make sure it was a patriotic song. I thought for a minute and then sang Manoj Kumar’s “jab zero mere Bharat ne”. As I sang, I could literally hear myself being as bad as I could. Needless to say, I was screened off and couldn’t even get to the big day.

Still, nothing has prevented me a bit from being the unabashed ‘singer’ that I am.

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