Top 5 Impact moves in WWE-


Like it or not, I have always been a fan of Pro-Wrestling even though it’s scripted or as they sometimes like to call it- ‘fake’. I loved it when I thought it was all real, I loved it when I started finding out the predictability of win-lose scenarios in it and I love it now that I know better. Still, pro-wrestling and especially WWE  makes up some of the best hours of my childhood and adulthood alike. For a WWE fan, there is as much fascination with the storyline and characters as with their finishing maneuvers. I mean, which wrestling fan in the world hasn’t at least tried a piledriver or Boston- Crab or RKO  or STFU. But what I am concerned here is with the most impactful finishing maneuvers amongst them. Although, I have tried to keep the list as authentic as possible, I just couldn’t help throwing in a mention of my favourite moves, which although may not necessarily belong to the list, but are good to the eye that it would be a sin not to include them here. So, the list goes as-

 #5- RKO-

“An RKO out of nowhere”- How many times have we heard this line and still this move delights us everyone Randy Orton executes it with his typical voices in his head gimmick. I could also relate move like the sweet chin music here which can also come out of nowhere but it is something that would be an honorable mention kind of thing as compared to the RKO.


#4- Stone Cold Stunner-

There is probably no bad move in WWE that is so so good as the stone cold stunner. Here is one finishing move that screws the system and here is one move that has been sold in wrestling world like none other. When Stone cold hits the stunner, something extraordinary seems to have happened and it is an adrenaline tush like none other.


#3- Pedigree-

Yes, I know some may react negatively to the pedigree being on such a high spot but wait a minute to rewind its execution in your brain. It’s a double underhook face-buster but look at the impact at creates when Hunter executes it from a considerable height with the neck caught in for a twist. Damn, it looks painful.

#2- F-5-

Not everyone can execute this one because you have to have an incredible amount of body strength to execute it. Where most wrestlers fail is the lower-body strengh, succumbing to the enormous pressure on the upper body but those who can really do it, make it look like the most classy thing in the world. Taking a guy from a fireman’s carry and turning it into a spinning face-buster? Are you kidding me.


#1- Shooting Star Press-

I love a perfectly executed shooting star press and even though it is banned by WWE now because of the huge amount of risk carries to the neck of the athlete performing it. But how awestruckingly awesome it looks when someone like Lesnar performs it? Only a video can explain my exact sentiments.


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