Navigation through a brain- crash

How to keep your head when everything around you is going downhill?  Or how to come out successfully from those obstacles which seem insurmountable? At times like those, instead of brainstorming your way out of the predicaments, your brain just crashes. It’s easy to talk about inspirational and motivational BS to try and get a person out of that but when it really hits out, no amount of self-help book lines can change a thing. At those times, you need some sort of easy mechanism to cope with the brain-crash. Here are a few things that can help. A cautionary note might be attached here in that these ways which I mention aren’t things that I claim will improve things in a normal situation but those which may help in taking the mind out of the strain that it is experiencing-

Take a walk to that street-food stall you love:

Taking a trip to the said stall isn’t about the food; it’s about giving your brain that much needed deviation towards the less simple things in life. But there will be food right? Absolutely, and once you have cleared your mind a bit on the trip to the stall, you will be surprised as to the added flavour in the masalas that the guy has put in.

Communicate: Talk the living hell out of your friends

It is almost better if you talk to some negative sort of person than a peppy, lively thing. It may sound contradictory but it actually works better this way. When you talk to a person and he tells you that life is such a wonderful thing and he tells about that big thing he is working on which is going to make him the next big thing, you may feel even worse than your actual state. Talk to some guy who will tell you are going to die and you will laugh your back off. Doesn’t that help?

Drink (non alcoholic i.e.)

The best think is lemon water with glucose; the worst thing is a soft drink. Anything that and in between is allowed. Anything out of this window is strictly out of the question.

Where chocolates don’t work, Ice-cream does :

“No matter how many chocolates you eat, some tensions are such you can’t lose them”- was a Life in a Metro quote I loved. However, the character should have tried her hands on ice-cream which is actually a better thing to have so as to calm you down and sort of restart you.


I don’t recommend heavy metal and all sort of weird stuff like that but if that is still your thing then go on with it. My point is take up any sort of music which soothes your strained nerves. As for me, listening to the 5th symphony outdoes most of the other points mentioned (except the first, I love Chow mein ).

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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