Impact of smartphones

There seems to be little to no contradiction to the fact that smart phones, although meant for improving mobile communication, have had an adverse impact on the society in general. They might be fine for the very few individuals who actually need them in order to cope work challenges but apart from them (but not excluding them), they have brought about more negative results than positive. Some of these might be-

Impact on Workplaces

Productivity in the workplace seems to have faltered with the introduction of smart phones. Yes, there was a time when you just ban social networks on the office computers but now you can’t stop your employees from reading that fake ‘Dilwale’ story in the middle of work. Every now and then, employees find an excuse to just pick up their phones and start typing even though its not work related. Many tend to use social networking and browsing videos instead of working.

Gap in Communication

Earlier when we used to have family get-togethers, we played silly games, laughed together, pulling legs and making up for lost time. Now when we meet, it’s usually about getting excuses to use your phones and throwing in a little chi-chats in between. Friends don’t talk to friends because they are busy chatting with that friend they wouldn’t talk to when they actually meet. Turns out what we made for better communication is killing communication.

Impact on education

Yes, all the data in the world is available at your palm but do we use to the right degree. Maybe for some time and soon our focus shifts to the destructive aspects of it. Firstly smart phones keep can create a ‘burnout’ meaning you get too used to relying on your phone for everything that your brain can not work on its own.
Using smartphones in between classed and lectures is rampant which not only disrupts  the lecture but also interrupts the whole class. On a large basis because of this, the learning process suffers. It is seen that since smart phones have arrived there has been a bigger percentage of children failing because of smart phones. People sit on their smart phones all day instead of studying and doing their school work.

Impact on Relationships:

What resort did you have when your partner was angry at you. You have to make conversation and sort out the matter well and good. Not anymore. Now, you can go on weeks without talking or even listening to your partner, thanks to the ever so angelic gift of smartphones to the world.

Yes, there might be and are great positive effects of smartphones but the basic vitalities of life should not be sacrificed in order to take to luxuries of life. It can’t be asked to do away with smartphones or to stop using them at all but a certain balance needs to be struck.


This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


3 thoughts on “Impact of smartphones

  1. I think it’s more about balancing the activities you do during the day. It’s always important to be aware of things you do, time you spend and how much of that is actually adding more to your lifestyle or productivity.

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    • Surely VJ. But my point is that smartphones, while a cool gadget if you consider only the goods, prevents people from doing all that. It’s like they have a self-protective mechanism embedded. If you try to leave them, they would lure you 😛


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