Navigation through a dream

“Recall the old story of the rather refined young man who preferred sex dreams to visiting brothels because he met a much nicer type of girl that way”~Vivian Mercer

There is a world in there, far and far away from the one you wake up in; a world that is not lighted by the stars or moon or the sun but still shines ever so brightly; a world where you can be what you are and still escape the consequences; a world where you learn more about yourself than any self-help book out there; a world where sorrows and joys all end up the same way, much like life.

One night, you find yourself solving all the problems of your life just like that and when you finally get to bask in relief, there is an alarm ringing near your bed that tells you that all your life was a lie. One night, you find yourself losing everything that you have stood for in your life, feeling frustrated, crestfallen and heartbroken. But another alarm rings and you find that life that you wake up in isn’t all that bad. You take two life lessons out of this-

  • First, that in your life, however gloomy or however jolly life may seem, it is nowhere near the extremes of them and as such, it is worth every bit of living that comes your way.
  • And Second, that you should not break that alarm clock.

Another night, it so happens that you get to know that you are witnessing a dream and these are the ones that you sometimes look forward to as if watching a film with the feeling,  “Let’s see what happens next”, because you become self-aware and do not really care about the outcome anymore. At yet another, you don’t know how you got there and how things became so bad as they did. You feel like getting out of this mess as soon as possible but unfortunately, that alarm is set for 6:30 and it’s still 3.  What you need at that point of point is a navigation mechanism, one that guides you about your actual and accurate position and how you need to take things further. It seems kind of crude to be able to do so while in a dream but at least it creates some semblance of understanding the deeper meaning of the circumstances and your own actions in it- all the time experiencing a dream.

One or two reference points that you can use maybe the denial of things that haven’t really happened or a realization of the extremes of it. Normally, it so happens that you take certain false things to be true, making up situations where they actually happened. This is where you can catch things red-handed. An even greater point of reference is the extremity of the things happening around you. Because life, actually, does not lie in order nor does it lie in chaos. It lies in balance.

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