Don’t risk it…


“Change….the shrewd manipulator…you never realize it sweeping through your life; unless one fine day, you delve into nostalgia, contemplating how drastically and yet subtly, an undercurrent of transfigurations and metamorphosis had tiptoed into your toiling existence.”

I scribbled on to my annal, and shut it. While still being pretty occupied with speculations and introspections

, I choose to just ponder over them. Although the grounds of such a grave reflection are menial, somewhat berserk.


It has been exactly a month since my ‘Brahmacharya’ days had started and the food, that is, the “DABBA”, has been driving me insane.   “Some eat to live, while some live to eat”, they say. Well clearly, I have never had a passion for food and I was more than complacent to fall under the former category.

But my days away from home have utterly transfigured me into a typical Indian Foodie.I receive my Dabba,  hope for a satiating meal…I open it with sparkling eyes, begin eating and the glimmer vanishes. I just devour it, thinking all the while, “how would it be to have a decent meal once in a while!”


“That’s it.”, I clamoured. “I cannot be crazy enough to hanker for fine food in a city like Delhi.” It was intransigent now that I would visit a fine eatery and give my tastebuds the treat of their lives. From under my closet, I pulled out a few pamphlets of restaurants that these people so yearningly attempt to hand in to the passer-bys…..Yeah, you get the drift, don’t ya?

Now comes the predicament of nomination….Where to go??? Having no clue of the places, I decided to go with the eternal “AKKAD-BAKKAD” rule. So, the place is decided. But,What is a fine cuisine without friends? So, I invite my friends over.                                     “Your treat??”, they implore.                                                                                                            “Oh! how sweet of you to think.”, I said, loaded with sarcasm as I am.


And we head towards our supposedly divine destination. It goes without saying, the eyes are all starry, beaming in anticipation of some delectable tucker. So full of vitality we all are, we don’t even take a rickshaw. And we arrive….The Classic title board with those expensive LED illumination reads “Punjabi By Nature”.

At this particular instant, I am ecstatic beyond demarcations. Finally… “I am gonna have the kind of food I have been longing for so long.” We enter and the ambience allures me in no time. Fine seats, nice music and cheerful waiters. We place the order…Dal Makhani, Rajma, Jeera Rice and Tandoori Roti…oohhh how my tastebuds were exhilarated…While my friends gossiped amongst themselves, I waited in desperation.


Finally the moment arrives….The food is served and I take a bite to my awfully dribbling mouth. And the anticlimax strikes.

In lengths though I have been writing about the joy of anticipation, I fail to express in words the disappointment I experienced at that very moment. My Friends gave me those looks that they were all set to pull a pillow over my face in my sleep that very night. The food was pathetic and we returned disheartened to the eternal DABBA. Even that tasted better in comparison.


After that, I went about narrating that incident of disappointment to all my chums and just one of them came up with an advice…that I regret not having had earlier. She told me how she finds the right place to grab a bite in an alien land. And surprisingly enough, she made sense.


Well, now I know…searching for a decent corner to eat isn’t child’s play…certainly not AKKAD-BAKKAD. But it’s something much simpler.

Well now I can give my tastebuds the treat they have been longing for. As for you people, however fancy the idea of a food app sounds, just Don’t Risk It…

Look it up




The term “GOOD MORNING” has always been conceived by the most of us as a contradiction…an oxymoron…the obvious implication being, how can a morning be ‘good’? Morning Slumber is one of those things I, personally, wouldn’t trade for anything in the entire universe.

But Alas!…. “Padhna likhna bhi to hai”, the prerequisite of which is getting up early and trudging towards the eternally tedious paths leading to the ever tiresome ‘college’. To think, “What if sleep had a substitute?”…….nahhhh…nothing compares to my morning sleep.

But, for those who share my passion for laziness, I have a remedy. Yes…..Thank me later. And no, it is not something that helps you to sleep, but something that awakens you, energises you and rejuvenates your senses…It is, my friends, a song, rather THE SONG, which is, TAAZGI KA DHAMAKA featuring Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun.


The tumultuous music coupled with an emphatic soundtrack is simply alluring and bewitching. And to top it all, We have Allu Arjun at his best, grooving to the nonchalant timbre that Anushka Manchanda possesses. You can’t help but tap your feet to this song throughout. And even a non-dancer can explore the dancer within as one is bound to find oneself grooving to the track before the climax, like I did.

It certainly is my dose of daily morning freshness and energy and not to forget, my Alarm tone. So what are you waiting for? Just check out this awesome video and give in to the astounding world it creates before you. And don’t forget to make it your alarm tone, too.


“I am dancing for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can join me by participating in this #MaxFreshMove facebook activity.”