The whiff stories and how to create a happy ending


“Where are you girl; come and help me with the garnishing.” , Mom called out to me, as the much awaited guests were to arrive in about an hour.

“Serving is fine. But what are we gonna do to create an ambience?”, I asked, prompted by my hyper-sensitive olfactory senses.

“Oh ! I hadn’t thought about it. I guess you should be the one coming up with a solution” , she said.

Though preparations were being made since morning , we had not been able to create just the right kind of atmosphere. Something surely was missing.

“Has the shoe rack been removed from the entrance?” , I asked my Brother.

“Yes, ma’am.” , he said,  “and the damp clothes have been taken care of as well. Now dare you expect any more favours from me.”

Yeah, we all know how brothers are, don’t we ? Now the Kitchen whiffs were to be taken care of. To that end, baking soda was boiled on the adjacent stove and the exhaust fan was switched on. It felt better, but not outstanding. There still was a tang of fried onions and I’m not sure of what, in the air.

“What about the garbage disposal?”, I thought to myself.

I was under the impression that the culprit that had been trying to spoil the event was found. So, I simply dropped a sliced lemon into the garbage can and went out to burn some aromatic candles. They sound perfect, don’t they? ‘AROMATIC CANDLES’…don’t you just seem to like the sound of it..Candles with scent and without smoke. Well, you might want to know they are pretty much without aroma too. The so-called fragrance lasted hardly 10 minutes and then it was all…whhoofff..

I had given up all hopes.

” Let the guests enjoy the void in the air and the fact that we are inefficient hosts”, I said and surrendered.

“Let’s just spray some air freshener and be done with it”, said my mother.

“Mom”, I said, “I just burnt aromatic candles here and tried all the Google tips on ‘getting rid of household odors’. How long is an air freshener gonna last anyway?”

“What choice do we have here. Let’s just give it a shot”, said everyone unanimously.

“Whatever”, I said.

So anyway, we sprayed this awesome fruity aerosol from Ambi pur and welcomed our guests in. I clearly wasn’t hoping it to last any longer than 5 minutes.But what do you know….it did. And it practically covered any foul smell that was left after my sincere efforts. The guests were all impressed by the tantalizing aura and all of us heaved a sigh of relief.

My Mother whispered to me as she passed by,”So…are you gonna say it yourself , or…..”

I cut in on her dialogue and said,”I know, I know….Mommy knows best”.

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur


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