The Miasma Wars



From the moment I open my eyes in the morning, well…not exactly morning, till my head hits the pillow, there’s a whole lot of heterogeneous odours waiting to be battled. This may range from the commonest ones such as Daddy’s socks to the more specific types like that pesticide with an awful smell that is potent enough to haunt you in your dreams.



And how can i forget the damp smell of clothes waiting to be washed, the pungent smell of eggs and of course, that acrimonious odor that follows my action of killing a cockroach by those aerosol sprays.Now although they come with a promise of “pleasant smell’, they never actually do and Come on, how much can you expect from them. Even your liquid vaporizers can let out a very nauseating tang.

Now, most of the people are scarcely affected by these diverse “aromas”, but not my mistake that i have a very sensitive olfactory system. And it’s no rocket science that kitchens are the incubators of all these odors. Vegetable peels, rotten eggs, leftovers attracting fungi and what not! So, enough of the types and sources of odors. It’s time we proceeded with the solutions.

The simple solution to all the kitchen odors is this. Set out a small bowl of household vinegar on the counter next to the stove to absorb smells and of course, install an exhaust fan or a chimney,  For burnt utensils, sprinkle salt on the burnt mess to eliminate the smoky odor. The typical refrigerator smells can be eliminated by keeping a bowl of water with lemon squeezed in it and baking soda can take care of your perspired apparels. Too old school,eh? What can i say, they do work.


Fixing it with Baking Soda



When it comes to me, I am not yet satisfied with the mere elimination of redolence from my house. I want a perpetual blossom to linger. To that end, i keep “smoking” incense sticks and myrrh, particularly in my room. Oh yes! They work wonders. I have fallen for those aromas so frantically that I wish oxygen smelt like that or maybe nitrogen. But “Haaye Haaye ye Zaalim Zamana”….they say it’s not good to puff up your lungs with the smoke of it.






Bless these people who came up with something as efficient as a room freshener and praise be to those who have taken the craze of “aromaholics” like me seriously enough to have introduced a whole range of tantalizing aromas. The Cash Cow for Ambi Pur is the feature that unlike it’s competitive brands, it does not only cover the whiff, instead eliminates it. Tried and tested,it helps you get rid of all the obstinate , tacky smells .

It comes with fragrances as diverse as you wish them to be. From Lavender Vanilla to Dragon Fruit to Hawaiian Flowers, all of these fragrances have been designed to rejuvenate your senses, and take it from a person who lives off aromas, you will find yourself beaming to these scents. Now be it a Sunday Brunch with cousins, a casual get-together with friends, or a fancy party , you know exactly what you need to intoxicate the atmosphere.


air effects



I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur.



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