Influencer Marketing- A favourable trap

                       The future will not be dominated by people who know the most about ‘The Quantum Theory’ ,nor those who can hit long sixes or take best penalty shots, nor those who bag most Oscars and certainly not by those who make false promises for votes- NO. The future(& much of the present) belongs to people who hold major leverage on public stance,people who can sway the masses into believing what they ask them to believe- PEOPLE who hold INFLUENCE over other people’s opinions without letting them know about their ‘STARDOM’.

           What do you do when you have to make a decision regarding availing/disposing of a commodity/service you don’t have much knowledge about? Obviously, you “google it” to choose the best brand/product/service provider. Do you really think that these million-billion dollar corporate giants don’t know this ‘STRATEGY’ of yours? Do you really think that YOU actually make that decision? Absolutely,Unquestionably & Undoubtedly –NO.  This is all part of a far more prodigious and more powerful strategy of “Casting a smart net and making waves” that they call ‘INFLUENCER MARKETING’.

                     Technically, the term has a boring definition with words like ‘commisioning’ and ‘succouring’ but essentially it means finding people who are experts at “planting ideas in your mind” and making them do so. WHAT? You think that “the military technology to infiltrate the conscious” used by Leo-DiCaprio doesn’t exist? Think again coz it does and You are exposed to it everyday.            From that pink background pamphlet showing  a man telling you how he makes 10,537  /day sitting at home TO the social WEB you use to stay connected- IT IS ALL PART OF THAT MACHINE. Byte by byte, line by line and post by post you are falling into a trap..

          BUT Hey! don’t panic. It’s a ‘Nil Nocere’ trap. It’s nothing like the virus of above pic. It’s not gonna harm you. In fact it might be good for you. Of course you don’t like to be fooled but isn’t it acceptable as far as you get what you want and can even brag about it. Common, don’t be so harsh on those brands.  When brands align their marketing, public relations, sales and product around a common strategy through Influencer Marketing, it’s a win-win situation for them and you alike. Come on now, say OK, say that IT’S FINE.  Yeah, that’s the spirit.

                   Now to console you further, Influencer Marketing has produced wonders for MI6(U.K), Netbase Solutions(U.S.A), Juniper Networks(U.S.A), close home for Ford India and many others.
             If you ask me , it was Influencer Marketing that made Whatsapp what it is today(or what it is ‘not’ courtesy of Facebook, Inc.) and it was Influencer Marketing that brought the present ruling party to power in India.

                            So, whether you are a consumer, marketer or an Influencer yourself; BRACE  YOURSELVES; because believe it or not, INFLUENCER MARKETING is certainly going to influence if not decide the shape of the world to come..



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